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This is the ideal place to take in the majesty of the sea. Located next to the road to the airport, opposite to Puerto Marqués, its location facing the Pacific Ocean is direct, therefore, waves are large and continuous, as well as its undertow. Some of the attractions are horse riding and renting of surfboards. Food is available too.

Barra Vieja

Barra Vieja is several kilometers long and it is from 50 to 110 meters wide depending on the place. Its sand is fine and light gray. This is open sea, so the waves are continuous, ranging from regular to powerful. The drop off is steep.

Pie de la Cuesta

Internationally renowned for having the most breathtaking sunsets. Located 10 kilometers to the northeast of Acapulco, due to its location relative to the Pacific, it has exceptionally powerful and tumultuous waves.

Water Sports

Acapulco is the ideal place for different sports, whether on the waves, below them or on dry land. We show you some of the options for you to have fun.


If you want to enjoy the excitement in activities under the sea, Acapulco port has specific establishments that rent and sell all the equipment for this sport. Popular spots for their marine landscape, flora and fauna include: the sunken boat of Río de Plata, the sunken boat of Santa Teresa, Bajo de la Langosta, the lighthouse and inlet.


If you love this sport, don’t miss your chance to enjoy it while in Acapulco. Sailfish, red snapper, marlin and skip jack are the most abundant species.

Sailing, Windsurfing and Jet Ski

These sports are available up and down the bay, as well as in Puerto Marqués, sailboats have room for 2 people, while for windsurfing and Jet Ski only for one person.

Water skiing

Mexican and foreign movies, news clips, and photo articles in countless magazines have shown it, but there’s nothing like seeing it in person: the renowned displays of water skiing performed in Acapulco Bay.


Not for the faint of heart. You can experience paragliding, which is available on all the main beaches.

Pleasure Cruises

Cruises by the bay are available morning, noon and night. A variety of pleasure craft can be hired for these services, where, on the cruise, you will have the chance to take in stunning sceneries and places, as well as a view of the famous cliff divers at La Quebrada. Or you can opt for party cruises with live music, dancing, including buffet meal and open bar.

Puerto Marqués

In the bay of the same name, to the southeast of Acapulco, this exclusive resort development Camino Real Acapulco Diamante is located, surrounded by lush vegetation, with gentle surf, excellent for doing all kinds of water sports.

Caleta and Caletilla

The traditional beaches of classical Acapulco, naturally protected by Roqueta Island, which contains the Pacific Ocean currents, providing them with gentle surf and soft sands.

La Roqueta

Located on the leeward side of Roqueta Island, facing Caleta and Caletilla, with a dock for access by boat. The trip is a great attraction to visitors, since it is made in glass-bottomed boats, with view of the marine fauna and a submerged image of the Virgin, patron saint of the fishermen.

Playa Langosta

This is a small beach close to the Quebrada cliffs from which you can observe open sea beyond.

Playa Tlacopanocha

Located next to the dock that is in front of the city’s central plaza, it has gentle surf. It is a site where small boats arrive to headout to sea each day for fishing.

Tamarindos, Hornos and Hornitos

These contiguous beaches are on the northeast side of the bay. All have soft sand and gentle waves. All of them fringed by countless palm trees.

Playa Icacos

Located to the south of the bay, this is the bay’s largest beach, where it receives large waves, but it is mostly calm.

La Condesa

Strategically located in the center of the bay, and in the heart of the golden zone, it provides a festive atmosphere day and night, with big waves, the beach slopes off quickly, and it has medium sand.