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The main tourist attractions in Pachuca are:

Pachuca Downtown

With a surface of 12 kilometers approx., the city's architecture is built upon steep and narrow streets. It is located in an area where you can observe antique mining buildings, among these, 500 are meant to be integrated to the historical catalog of the city so they can be eventually restored and preserved.

Modern Art Museum

A museum built on land belonging to the former common land of Santa Julia south of Pachuca

Monumental Clock

It was built from 1904 to 1910, elaborated with 40 meters of white quarry, this clock has three bodies with four sides and is decorated with feminine figures in Carrara marble that represent the beginning (1810) and the consummation (1821) of the Independence of Mexico, the Constitution of 1857 and the Amendment Acts of 1859.

Hidalgo Soccer Stadium

Located in the city of Pachuca it is used mainly for soccer games and is home to the Soccer Club Pachuca better known as the “The Pachuca Tuzos”.

Church of San Francisco

The Temple and ex Convent of San Francisco in Pachuca was built during the  16th Century. It is one of the oldest religious buildings in the city and considered the largest and most important.

Photography Museum

This museum is located in Pachuca, in the State of Hidalgo. It displays the first inventions and photographic machines of the 19th Century, as well as diverse techniques and genres developed throughout history.



David Ben Gurion Cultural and Amusement Park

A Cultural Park located in the financial and commercial district within the Zona Plateada development in Pachuca de Soto, in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico, that honors the founder of Israel David Ben Gurion. It has 2630 hectares where the Ricardo Garibay State Central Library, the Tuzoforum, the Soccer Hall of Fame, the Interactive Soccer World Center and the Gota de Plata Theater are located.

Real del Monte

A picturesque village located 2770 meters above sea level. It is a place where you can experience an authentic provincial flair and where Mestizo culture and English influences are merged. Here you will find antique buildings and in the surroundings you will be able to visit some old mines.

Basaltic Prisms

Unique in this continent, the prisms are geological formations of singular beauty that form a vertical wall of approximately fifty meters of height. Located within a canyon, this natural phenomenon is found near the ex-hacienda of Santa María Regla.

El Chico National Park

It has become the ideal spot to camp and play sports such as mountain cycling, fishing, rappel, and rock climbing. Its cliffs, dense oyamel vegetation and oak forests make us think of a fairy tale forest. It was the first national park working as such in Mexico and Latin America.