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Anthropology and History Museum

The tour begins with Tlatilco pieces, continues with Teotihuacan and then with cultures from the Gulf of Mexico, Oaxaca and from the middle part of the country; it ends with the two cultures that established themselves in Tabasco: Mayan and Olmec.

Museo de la Venta Park

The most important in Tabasco, here is where nature and archeology meet. It has 33 sculptures made of basalt and other volcanic rocks classified in two groups: thrones and altars, trails and colossal heads.

Natural History Museum

Presents the evolution of humans and their environment over time in a didactic way.


A zoo that houses a wide variety of animals from different parts of the world, where you can observe various ecosystems.

 Agua Blanca Waterfalls

You can take guided tours to the jungle and rappelling, as different options aside from bathing in the white waters of the place.

Chontalpa Lagoons

There are abundant swamps, mangroves and rivers; it is a beautiful place to swim and fish in. 

  • Yu-Balcah: ecological reserve/adventure tourism
  • Kolem-jaá
: ecological reserve/adventure tourism
  • Luz Village
: ecological reserve
  • Puyacatengo
: stone river
  • El azufre spa
: thermal spring

Its beaches

Puerto Ceiba, Paraíso, Chiltepec, Playa Bruja, El Bellote, Miramar, Pico de Oro, among others.

The Light zone (city downtown)

Pedestrian streets, lined with benches and trees that will allow you to enjoy life peacefully, as well as the architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

"El Jaguar Despertado" Art Gallery

Pictorial exhibits of different artists.

"Tabasco" Art Gallery

It has rooms where art exhibits of new visual artists from Tabasco can be set up.

"Casa Siempre Viva" Visual Arts Gallery

Temporary and permanent exhibits of regional photography are set up here. Likewise, it offers free handicrafts and paintings workshops.

"Villahermosa" Cultural Center

A space dedicated to promote all cultural manifestations.

Carlos Pellicer Cámara House / Museum

A 19th century building that saw the birth of the Tabasco poet. It exhibits personal objects that highlight the chronology of his life.

Popular Culture Museum

Handicrafts of the region and Tabasco folk costumes are exhibited here.

Señor de Tabasco Cathedral

It is distinguishable from the rest of the city's buildings thanks to its architectural force and to the fact that its towers can be seen from almost anywhere.

CICOM Complex

Centro de investigación de la Cultura Olmeca y Maya (Mayan and Olmec Culture Research Center).