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About Us


Camino Real was the name of the route that linked San Antonio, Texas with Mexico City in the colonial era, since those times it has been an amazing display for locals and foreigners due to its palaces and majestic buildings. Camino Real was the name that the XVI Century Spaniards gave to the route that led to the capital of New Spain, which today is known as Mexico City. This is a part of history that frames the birth of one of the best-known hospitality brands for their excellence and distinction, which they offer in each of their exclusive hotels. Nowadays, Camino Real Hotels is synonymous with tradition, hospitality and unparalleled service in an exclusive chain of hotels located inside and outside of the country over the years, it has become the ideal choice of visitors from all over the world.



The name of Camino Real was used for the first time at the opening of the Camino Real Guadalajara Hotel, one of the hotels that has had all its rooms and main service areas recently remodeled tastefully in keeping with the surrounding foliage and vegetation.


Camino Real Hotels are founded by Banamex (National Bank of Mexico) and a group of private investors.


An affiliation contract is signed with Western International Hotels (who would later become Westin), establishing in Mexico the first luxury Hotel Chain with international representation.


The relationship that had been maintained for thirty-one years between Westin Hotels and Resort and Camino Real is terminated.


There are multiple changes in the development and administration of Camino Real Hotels.


On June 5, 2000, it is acquired by one of the most important groups in the country: Grupo Empresarial Ángeles, which, with the acquisition of Real Turismo Propietaria y Operadora, gives important stability to the development of the Hotels, carrying out significant remodeling and adaptations to each of its destinations. On June 1st, 2000, Grupo Empresarial Ángeles acquired Camino Real Hotels, so we now belong to a business group that has strong recognition in Mexico.

Real Tourism Group

The contribution of Grupo Empresarial Real Turismo to the country is evident both in terms of employment and in terms of economic development of the cities where our hotels are located. During our management of this emblematic brand within the Mexican hospitality industry, we have begun an important restructuring process to adapt us to new times. We are focused on the development of urban hotels, located in key cities and aimed at business travelers. The financial model of the Grupo Real Turismo hotels is based on higher levels of productivity within the sector as well as reinvesting profits to continue growing. We redouble our efforts to provide our employees the best programs for their training, we have established agreements with important universities in the country in which students of hospitality and related degrees carry out internships and eventually join a company with high prestige and national and international recognition.

Angels Business Group

Grupo Empresarial Ángeles (GEA) is a 100% Mexican company that has, since its inception, sought its integration into the national effort for development, participating in various sectors of the Mexican economy, which due to their strategic importance are fundamental bases of the country that many of us long for. In this group, we have adopted work, honesty and commitment as fundamental values, therefore, the challenge lies in establishing in all our relations both abroad and with our work team, a bond of trust based on compliance as an example of these values. Thus, believing in Mexico and its people, we have contributed to the progress and well-being of our country for more than 40 years.


Emphasizing the value of Mexican hospitality, with competitive products and services for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and collaborators.


To be the leading hotel chain in Mexico in the five-star and grand tourism category.